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Altmann Architects was established by architect Pablo Altman in 200?.

Pablo Altman is a graduate with honors from the Technion University in Haifa. Pablo Altman has over 25 years of experience working in the field of Architecture.

 Altman Architects employs a permeant staff and works in collaboration with excellent consultants to bring the best possible results for every project. We plan our projects taking into account an understanding of the space, time, function, identity, culture, location, and cots of every project. We work on a wide variety of projects that range from various scales from city construction to public commercial building, and residential interior design. Each project is uniquely examined to give an innovative and distinctive design language.

Each project is closely coordinated with the client with personal communication throughout the design process and building stages. The wishes of the client are paramount to creating an accurate design according to their vision. The design process takes into account all the variety of shades as an inspiration for the individual who will inhabit the final building.

It is important to be as attentive to the needs and desires of the client in the planning process as well as being sensitive to the budget constraints and schedules in order to bring the best possible outcome and building for the client.



Urban Design

Our office has extensive experience working together with private developers, local councils and government ministries. The firm has extensive knowledge of planning procedures and the ability to coordinate with planning committees at various levels; from the initial stage, current planning schemes, zoning rights, changing zoning designations, identifying desirable planning expansions, and urban planning. The firm manages building from the general broader level all the way down to the specific construction details.




Our office begins the planning process by combining our extensive architectural experience, in depth study of the client's needs and detailed familiarity with the location to present the best options for the client. From the initial conceptual phase, to the construction phase, the focus is on the correct environmentally appropriate planning; physically, technically, and quickly. Our focus is on finding the right solution for the client and overseeing the best implementation until completion.


Interior Design

In our current age where projects are becoming increasingly complex from day to day; from a technical aspect, safety standards, and green building requirements, our office organizes all the needs of the client together while ensuring the best experience we can create. Our planning team must specialize in a broad range of topics to create the best integration of all parts of construction to create something unique that is greater than the whole of its parts. The result is a professional project that best combines the needs of the customer, legal guidelines and regulations within budget and on schedule.

Altman Architects | Bar Kochba 16, Bnei Brak | mail@altmann.co.il | 03-9199921

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